Happy Pear CNG Installation

Chrisander Technologies has been involved with the installation of compressed natural gas systems since 2015,  when one of the first projects of its kind in Ireland was started. The Happy Pear now uses their own CNG system to charge their vehicles. It is cleaner for the environment and it generates savings with monitored results. The project started after Gas Networks Ireland made grants available to invest in compressed natural gas systems and in vans converted to run on natural gas.

During the installation of natural gas pipework for The Happy Pear factory in County Wicklow, a capped external gas supply was placed, allowing for a “future” CNG system to be inserted.

In January 2018, the installation of the vehicle filling facility was complete, using a large capacity CNG filling station allowing for multiple vehicle fuelling with remote fill post.

After a period of meetings, research, safety reviews, hazzop reports and technical requirements, a CNG System can then be installed.


For the installation at The Happy Pear factory, Chrisander Technologies placed the primary FMQ10 compressor unit and supplied it with a low pressure gas supply. The FMQ10 unit then compresses the gas up to 200 bar and sends it via the high pressure pipework to two independent filling stations.

After installing the high pressure pipework, the filling stations, venting systems and safety control equipment, the entire system is then tested and commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.



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February 15, 2018