4. CNG Recovery Unit

There is a lack of CNG stations in Ireland at the moment and when a truck that runs on CNG runs out away from a filling station, it is an expensive and timely procedure in getting them back to base. A load loader has to go out and recover the truck and then another tractor unit has to collect the trailer and bring it where ever it needs to go as well.

Because of this potential expense, Virginia transport asked us to build a recovery unit, so that when a truck breaks down, we can fill the unit with gas at the station, bring it out to the truck on the side of the road and fill in gas to the stranded vehicle.

Virginia Transport in Cavan are still awaiting an onsite station, so in the interim, they are now using the CNG Recovery Unit and are using it to fill some of their vehicles in Cavan. In our rollout and testing, we filled 1 Sprinter van and 3 VW Caddy’s and all was successful.