CNG Installations originated in 2016 as a division of Chrisander Technologies. Chrisander was a contracting business that was involved with the mechanical design and fit out of production facilities, office blocks, schools, retail and medical centres. It was during the installation of a gas system at a food production facility that we first encountered compressed natural gas, known as CNG.

The owner of the facility was involved in a bio-methane production project in the UK and was keen to implement some of the technologies in Ireland. He started by availing of a number of grants and from there purchased a BRC fuelmaker along with a second hand CNG sprinter van. Between us, we completed months of research and also incorporated information from the manufactuers and external safety advisors. From there, we produced a design and finally proceeded with the install and commissioning. Today that compressor is still providing a valuable service to the owner and production facility.

Our next CNG project was for a large logistics and haulage company. We were contracted by a specialist oil & gas firm in the Middle East to install, commission and maintain a CNG station in North Dublin. This involved a 115kW compressor, complete with storage bank and NGV2 dispenser. To date, this station is continually refuelling trucks and sending them off on both national and international routes.

Over the years, CNG Installations has developed a team of specifically trained engineers and installers to provide for this ever changing market. We have also developed relationships with a number of the international suppliers of CNG components; i..e. compressors, storage arrangements, pipework etc. This has led on to our developing works in LNG, Anerobic Digestion and even Hydrogen. To date we have been involved in all 3 in various roles.

If you are looking for simple advice or wish to discuss possible future works, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or the company via our contact form.

I am always interested in what people are doing or planning to do and will happily discuss the ins and outs of the CNG industry.

Chris McConnell, MSc BEng Hons MIEI
Managing Director